Since 2011, The Cutting Board Academy (TCBA) has been dedicated to educating families and communities on the importance of Food Literacy and Nutrition.  We achieve this mission by providing a number of customized programs including short courses and workshops focused on the areas of Culinary Arts, and Food Science/Processing to fit the needs of our clients.  Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we have served over 12,000 individuals from both private and public organizations throughout northeast Ohio and surrounding areas.  That number continues to grow as our target audiences include children and families desiring to create healthier, happier lifestyles as they learn more about making healthier food choices, cooking basics, nutrition and beyond.  Dubbed “Food Nerds”, TCBA uses the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) to provide a deeper dive into understanding food and its impact on one’s body upon consumption.

Workshop & Courses


Culinary Demonstrations


With the aid of professionals in the food industry, community leaders, parents, volunteer faculty and staff, these programs will foster continued interest in academics, specifically in the areas of food, nutrition, and the sciences– opening doors that may have otherwise not been opened for program participants. We are an organization dedicated to our mission empowering communities by educating children and their families on the importance of healthy eating through the principles of Culinary Arts, Food Science/ Engineering and other disciplines in the food industry.

What is Culinary Arts?

Culinary Arts can also be described as the Art of Cooking. It is a manner or discipline in which foods are prepared. Foods are prepared through a variety of cooking techniques where the texture, flavor, aroma, appearance and the molecular structure of food is altered. It is important to understand and master the various ways in which heat is used to alter these characteristics of foods. It is also very important to gain experience by using a variety of cooking methods on a consistent basis to produce delicious, healthy and high-quality foods.

Participants of our programs and workshops can expect to get a hands-on learning experience in the areas of:

  • Soups/Sauces/Cooking Techniques (Roasting, Braising, Sauteing, etc.)
  • Baking
  • Pastry Arts
  • Knife Skills
  • And much more!

What is Food Science?

Food Science is the study food that involves the use of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Nutrition, Engineering, Microbiology, Technology and other areas of physical and life sciences. These areas of expertise help to bring new foods to the marketplace that meet the desires of the consumers. Food Science has an influence on how food is grown, harvested, transported, processed, packaged, stored, prepared and served.

Relationship Between Culinary Arts and Science

Ever wonder why eggs become solid when you cook them? Or why do certain fruits turn brown when we cut them? Or what causes breads to become moldy? By gaining an understanding of the scientific nature of foods, you can eliminate many questions of why certain foods behave the way they do when you prepare them in a recipe.

For Example:


Learn what makes food tangy or sour

Understand how to read recipes and ingredient lines

Learn how to bake, braise, and sautee a variety of meats

Making ice cream/custards- Why does ice cream have a smooth creamy texture?


What is soy lecithin?

Learn the science behind using fats and oils in foods

Gain an understanding of the use of acids and pH in foods

Learn how acids, heat and salt affect the tenderness and texture of meats