Programs & Services

Food Meets Science

The Cutting Board Academy provides FOOD and NUTRITION Education and Consulting Services for both public and private organizations- influencing good nutrition habits and increasing awareness and knowledge around food.  The Cutting Board Academy contracts directly with commercial and nonprofit entities.

Offering a vast variety of innovative programming and services- customized to fit our clients’ needs, including:

Workshop & Courses

Come and experience a new perspective on science and food. Participants can learn how to utilize their pantry in a different and healthier way. We aim to inform clients about the science behind the food choices they make and teach them creative techniques for future meals. Our programs cater to Seniors/Mature Adults, Kids, Family, and even Employees. 

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Culinary Demonstrations

A rewarding opportunity to learn the health advantages of everyday ingredients in food. The overall goal is for participants to feel more confident on the basics of nutrition and what it means to make healthier food choices frequently. 

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The Cutting Board Academy believes that the foundation for great health is developing great nutritional habits. But in order to make healthy food choices, we must have a clear idea of what it takes to create a healthy diet. Here are a few topics that we cover in our programs and workshops:

  • Understand the importance of vitamins
  • Minerals and other nutrients- how do they contribute to your overall health
  • Reading your nutritional labels- Knowing the good and bad of what’s in your food as a consumer
  • Understanding ingredient lines/additives- The difference between natural vs. synthetic ingredients