A native Clevelander, Tiffani Sutton is Founder and Executive Director of The Cutting Board Academy, an organization that focuses on educating children, families and communities on the importance of understanding Food and Nutrition.  As a trained Chef, Food Scientist and Engineer, Tiffani has over sixteen years of practical experience in the areas of Research and Development, Culinary Arts and Nutrition for corporations including the Kroger Company, Oscar Mayer, Kraft Foods and Nestle. In addition to leading The Cutting Board Academy, she is also an adjunct Culinary and Nutrition professor at Cuyahoga Community College’s Hospitality Management Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Cutting Board Academy has been a long-term vision of Tiffani’s, as her early interest in math and engineering can be credited to the creative instruction and mentorship of dedicated teachers. Now as an accomplished food scientist, engineer and chef, it is her desire to continue learning and developing herself while sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with underprivileged youth and families in the Northeast Ohio area and other cities nationally; empowering them to make healthy food choices and helping them realize their futures and professions in culinary arts, science and nutrition.

Erica Moorer

Program Manager/Chef Instructor

Marquita Frost

Chef Instructor/Program Manager

Dr. Adrienne Hatten

Grant Management Coordinator