Workshops & Courses


Workshops and Courses

Our workshops and courses provide clients with a fun and engaging  introduction into the combined world of science and culinary arts. We aim to educate anyone willing and open to learning the key components for a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Stray away from your go-to menu by expanding your knowledge and techniques with our array of hands on activities. From baking cakes, making candy, to food science labs, the skills and experiences you’ll gain will have you forming your own recipe repertoire.


  • Learn new ways to cook your favorite foods
  • Take what you make
  • Cultivate new and creative recipes to cook and share at home
  • Impress friends and family by learning to cook foods from other cultures
  • Life skill learning
  • Making foods from scratch
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
  • Following directions


  • Minimum of 10 to 15 people
  • 8 Hours